Think twice before injecting FATS into your Breast

October 1st, 200910:18 am @

Think twice before injecting FATS into your Breast

Injection of Fats is quite common in Singapore, the effect is almost immediate. More importantly, it is a simple and quick fix in enhancing your cup size. But did your doctor tell you everything you need to know about this minor surgery?

Before I comment any further, just read what what the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has to say:

“On the surface, the concept of using liposuction to remove unwanted fat from one’s own thighs and buttocks, and then injecting it into the breasts to make them larger, has appeal. However, aesthetic surgeons certified in plastic surgery have long maintained that injection of fat, or any substance, into or behind the breast tissue can be potentially dangerous. Fat cells that are removed from one body site and injected into another frequently do not survive. Fat injected into the breast may be absorbed by the body, may become liquid and drain from the injection site or may calcify, becoming a scarred mass within the tissues. Massive calcification of injected fat can mask or mimic the presence of breast cancer. Seven to 14 ounces of fat injected into the breast, the amount required for an average enlargement, could make accurate detection of cancer by mammography extremely difficult.”

Furthermore, women who seek the procedure for breast enlargement sometimes are not informed that much of the injected fat will die, causing scar tissue and calcifications that can mask the presence of early breast cancer or cause a false-positive result. Calcification may take years to develop and, when it does, often mimics the appearance of breast cancer in a mammogram. In a worst-case scenario, a patient may face painful exploratory surgery or even a mastectomy because of an uncertain mammography examination result. Breast implants filled with saline (salt water) currently are the only widely available alternative for women seeking breast enlargement.

In summary, the side-effect and complication for injecting fats to your breast is as follow, so think twice or thrice before adopting it.

1) infections
2) formation of dead(necrotic) sacs of tissues in the best -resulting in further surgery for removal
3) calcification in the breast making it difficult to differentiate a precancerous breast. i think calcifications are indicator of development of breast cancer, so fat calcification can cause false positive test results with mammogram.
4) Also, there is limited information regarding the number of times you can continue to inject the fat into your breasts. If this procedure is possible repeatedly, why would hollywood stars spend so much money on implants?
5) uneven, lumpy breasts after fat is reabsorbed.