Who is Dr NARA in Thailand and how much does it cost?

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Who is Dr NARA in Thailand and how much does it cost?

If you following all the major women forums in Singapore, we will notice Dr Nara is a household name for doing cosmetic surgery in Thailand. So who is Dr Nara really? Is he really that good as claimed by some members  or is it the low price that he charged compared to doing it in Singapore or is it just because of the constant reminder of his name in the popular forums in Singapore?

Dr Nara practise in Hatyai and many claimed that Dr Nara is the indefatigable God of Surgery, because he offer dead-cheap prices for dead-good quality.

As per updated on 19/11/2009. His price for surgery is as follow.

For example liposuction which cost only 10,000 bath per area (less than SGD500 per area) is EXTREMELY CHEAP. Such surgery will cost between 4,000-15,000 in Singapore.

Review for Dr Nara has been mixed,

I have done liposuction with dr nara and am satisfied with the results though i am still apprehensive about doing actual plastic surgery like having a nose implant. I have asked dr. nara about whether i can make my nose slightly smaller without an implant but he said it would be quite impossible to achieve that sort of results without an implant.

i have seen some thai gals visiting dr nara but I’m not sure if they did their noses with dr nara or they were trying to do revision surgery with dr nara for botched surgeries with other docs but i do not find their noses nice at all! They all looked very weird.

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At times, people are even confused whether there could be more than one Dr Nara

I’m a little confused, in some posts Dr. Nara is referred to as a male and in some a female. Is everyone talking about the same Dr. Nara? I’m interested in Blepharoplasty, checking out the site (url from yvette21) it’s just 7,000THB = 300+SGD. Isn’t that a bit too inexpensive! A bit scared..

backwardscarouse, Mar 7 2009, 09:30 PM
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After doing more research and reading, our conclusion is as follow:

  • There is always a risk when you decide to doing it overseas whether it is in Korea, Thailand or anywhere else. Liposuction is not a treatment where you can just do and walk the next day. Post-surgery care is important like  Drainage. Everyone should consider that when deciding to do cosmetic surgery overseas. Read more and you will know
  • The rave about Dr Nara may be overblown due his popularity in the forums in Singapore and Thailand, we strongly believe that there are similar Dr Nara in bangkok which is offering that sort of rate if not better and skill just is just as good.
  • We also find the reviews in most forums about Dr Nara results are mixed. Cosmetic surgery is always measured by expection.

Surgery Cost (baht) Remark
Sexchange 80,000 included a 3-to-4-day stay at the hospital

*The patient must get medical certification (letter of permission)from a psychiatrist in his country.
Botox Injections

(per area)


Face lift 40,000


(Double eyelids) 8,000
Eye Bag Removal 8,000
Epicanthoplasty 8,000
Nose Implant ( rhinoplasty) 8,000
Revised rhinoplasty 12,000
Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) 10,000
Alarplasty 3,000
Cheek, Fat Injection 12,000
Cheek Bone Implants 16,000
Dimples 4,000
Chin Implant 8,000
Lips Reduction 8,000
Breast Implants allergan 55,000 included a 1-day stay at the hospital
Breast lift 30,000
Mammoplasty Reduction 65,000 included a 2-day stay at the hospital
Nipple Reduction 6,000
Adam’s Apple Shaving 6,000
Liposuction (per area) 10,000
Tummy Tuck 60,000 included a 3-day stay at the hospital