Liposuction Price in Singapore and Overseas

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Liposuction Price in Singapore and Overseas

Prices of Liposuction varies depending on where and who. Many Singaporean are seek liposuction treatment out of Singapore in countries such as Thailand, Korea and Indonesia. The two favourite hot spots are Bangkok, Hatyai and Medan and treatment price can be as low as half. The differences in price is as follow:

Plastic Surgeon in Singapore : $$$
GP in Singapore : $$
Oversease : $

Following are extract of liposuction prices in Singapore :

I went for vaser on tummy & lovehandles 6 months ago so I tot of sharing my experience with all those that are keen in this cosmetic surgery

I was charged around 7,000 at that time and they have installment for credit card promotion, this amount include one set of compression garment, medications & bandages etc.

I was given given local aesthetic so that you dun feel the insertion, most of the time you just feel sedated. Also talk to the doctor before hand how much fat is he removing? I think now there is a MOH guideline on how much fat can be removed at one time. My friend who just went for consulation told me that it is better to do one area at a time due to this limitation. Also it can be dramatic doing 2 areas at one time. But if your intention is to get it over and done with. Maybe you should just do it. It is totally up to you. For me i did only my tummy.

After the surgery when home, the areas feel painful due to the bruises and a little numb as well. The good thing about it is, you see immediate reduction but it appear uneven, there is also leakage of liquid which can be quite scary . These are leakage due to the wound. There are 3 insertion in front, one below the navel and 2 below the bikini line so that it cannot be seen.

After 1-2 days, there is basically no more blood or leakage. but more cramp-like pain & bruises. After a couple of weeks, the area will definitely be smaller but not like super slim. It is important to wear the compression garment everyday. I bought an extra garment so that I can change. The garment is hot so it is uncomfortable wearing it. I wear it 23 hours a day and remove it when I was bathing.

I wore the garment for 4 months and after that on and off.

Hope this will help you make your decision but due raise your expection too high. You will not be super slim like model after that, there will be differences but it really depend how big your tummy is beforehand. It is important to talk to your doctor.
tina, August 25th, 2009, 10:46 AM
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For those planning to go for liposuction, please remember to push your doctor to remove more fats. I felt that my doctor did not remove enough fats from my arms and tummy. Also if your expection is like super slim like model-type after liposuction, then you better lower your expection.

I did mine last year and I paid 2.5K for my arms and 3.5 for my abs. This include the rest of the miscellanous items such as compression garment, med charges etc.
Jenny80, August 18th, 2009, 05:32 PM
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Hi all,

Just for info,
I’ve managed to contact TCS, (Dr Richard Teo)

both arms 2k

tummy 2k (don’t know if include waist, flanks or separate to upper/lower tummy)

front or back thigh 2k each (I don’t know about inner/ outer thigh, receptionist also don’t know, think quite new?? LOL)

They should have a promotion now, 1k off for 3 body parts but when I want to know more, she asked me to seek consultation, $50, saying doc can tell me the details.

Novena’s slightly cheaper, arms $1549, inner or outer thigh per leg is $1349, upper/lower abs $1549 each, flank (both sides) $1549, back $2849.

I’ve calculated, if include everything, not inclusive of buttocks, knee, calves also have to cost $17339

Angelfern, 25-11-2009, 02:41 PM
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I really don’t know where cheapest now *** =X I only asked 2 doctors, Dr *** and Dr Wong?(I don’t know, something W) to quote me the price. DL says around 5800(with some miscs stuff…procedure $5000), so I guess standard price should be around there. If you are interested in knowing, DL doesn’t seem to want to entertain my enquiries too much, or maybe I really ask too much. 2nd email he just call me to come down or call up his nurse. Ah, I remembered where I hearsay-ed is cheap. TLC/T-something. But I read its because the people there not really plastic surgeons or something. Then…if you want more info try going to the place I mentioned above. I kind of don’t understand the part about ‘rolling out of liquids is really worth it’, mind explaining?

Oh, I just read your part about $1.5K for tummy. If its true, then it will be the cheapest I’ve heard so far =D

retrosixties, 23-11-2009, 08:16
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it’s really hard to book another slot with Dr. Nara. I hope to do my two thighs & complete the new look before i go & find a new job but they are fully booked till next year Jan 2010 and there have been no cancellations since.

I shouldn’t have missed my 20/21 oct 09 surgery dates so regretful now but something urgent cropped unexpectedly then. A pity Dr. arthur’s package for thighs is so ex $650×7= $4500 plus which is about 5 times more ex than Dr. Nara but then every doc’s entitled to charge his own prices so i can’t say anything except that it’s quite above my willing budget. Vaser in Singapore costs slightly more, about $5000 plus for both thighs.

Anyone knows any other affordable liposuction surgeon, maybe in bangkok perhaps as long as it’s below S$2000 for both thighs?
tinker, 28-10-2009, 06:00 AM
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Hence, if i wanted to do my thighs, it’s about $1349×4= $5400 for both my inner/outer thighs. Dr. Arthur at $650×7=$4550 is still slightly cheaper but by not much.

Dr. Nara is still the most affordable but it’s so hard to get a date!
tinker, 05-11-2009, 10:33 AM
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Ok let me do a rough calculation for you.

inner/outer thigh + arms = 3 areas

3 areas = $425 x 3 = $1275

Hotel 4D3N = $50 x 3

make sure you reach hatyai about morning to 2pm then straight away go check in hotel n go for consultation with Dr Nara and have the 1st lipo done on the same day which most probably falls in the evening. If no choice you can only have your 1st lipo done on the next day, then stay for 1 more night.

Air tickets round trip 1 person = $150 (roughly, though now I check the price is about $135)

Reach hatyai, there are no taxi but still have those private car offering to send you which cost about 250-300bhat = SGD $10 – $12, tell them you gg hatyai, about 30-40mins ride.

Don’t need to get limo, it’s 350bhat.

Ya eat shop all this you see how much you wanna spend huh. You can shop there, not say alot if you wan to compare to bangkok, but things are still cheap, need to bargain!

The rest, eat all this, cheap cheap la.

Oh yah! It’s best that you go over there then change the rest of the money. I change it in Suntec, the rates is 23.31.

When we’re at hatyai, we need to change more money to spend, you guess what is the rate? 23.55 !!!

Oh my god, ok that was 4 weeks ago though, but the exchange rate is really higher no matte what.

There are 2 exchange counter over there, both located just opposite each other. Go to the one with tour bus and guide one, it’s together. Another one is the one with selling tshirts, their rates was 23.50.

can buy alot of shirts, selling 100 bhat per piece.

Ok ok, say no more. The total cost you gotta prepare is at least…

$1275(lipo 3 areas) + $150(air tix round) + $150 (hotel 3nites) + $22 (back n fro transport to hatyai & Airport) = $1597 SGD

Tadah~ the rest of the amount you decide, for shop, eat etc.. =)

P/s: no need to take tuk tuk around ok! walk can alr, no need to waste money.
Emilying, 01-10-2009, 04:03 AM