Slimming Tea … does it works?

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Slimming Tea … does it works?

If you’ve been looking for natural supplements and weight loss formulas to help you shed those extra pounds,  ‘slimming tea’ promises to get rid of body fat and increase your metabolism.  Best part about Slim Tea is it is caffeine-free and has been around the market for a long long time. Many dieters swear by this simple and effective supplement for losing excess weight.

How does it works?

Slim Tea is designed to boost the metabolism, improve digestion and make the entire weight loss process as simple and natural as possible. But does Slim Tea really work? Here’s what you need to know about this weight loss supplement:

How Slim Tea Works Slim Tea is made with a rare blend of Chinese Oolong Tea that is 99.9% caffeine free. The blend contains several essential oils and ingredients that relax and calm the nerves, making it especially effective for reducing anxiety and stress after a meal. Allowing the body to relax after meals may also help improve digestion which helps the metabolism. Slim Tea can also be taken as a healthy tea right before bedtime, but is particularly effective after a heavy meal. Key ingredients found :

• Cassia Acutifolio Delile

• Folium Sennae

• Tinnevelly Senna

• Cassia Angustifolia Vahl

• Panax Quinquefolium

• Radix Panacis

• Quinquefolii

• Malva Verticillata

• Fructus Malvae

Slimming Tea in Singapore

Slimming tea is readily available in all super-marts,  pharmacies etc. There are probably hundred of brands but most it contain the same ingredients as listed above.

Verdict on Slimming Tea

Personally, I have been drinking green tea or slimming tea for years.  Other than it been a powerful tonic that can help improve digestion and improve the metabolic process overall and improve my overall well-beings, I am totally not sure of its “slimming ability” as per claimed.

Other benefits of drinking Slimming Tea.

  • eliminating free radicals within the body
  • absorbs and blocks cholesterol
  • decreases the levels of cholesterol in the blood and prevents the process of oxidisation creating bad cholesterol
  • helps prevent heart related conditions within the body
  • works to normalise blood pressure levels
  • helps to fight bacteria and viruses
  • improves the condition of the intestines by blocking bad bacteria and increasing levels of good bacteria
  • helps to detoxify the body
  • helps to stabilise diabetes
  • can assist in weight loss
  • slows the ageing process
  • helps to strengthen the immune system

Try Puri Tea! I’ve been drinking it for a few weeks now and i do feel that my fats at the back waist there is lesser now. It’s supposed to be a detox tea, but i do feel it’s a bit laxative.

But doesnt really bother me that much coz I have long term constipation problems.

One box has 15 tea bags for 15 days consumption. and it cost between $20.90 to $23.90

Hope that helps!

enirac, September 13th, 2009, 12:30 AM

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hi all! My mum and I have been drinking this slimming and detoxification tea (green pack costing 28 bucks for 30 sachets i think) from the huge chinese pharmacy at the 3rd/4th level in Chinatown center for a at least half a year already. We take it every morning with breakfast.

My mum has slimmed down to maximum of 8kg. It was without exercise and perhaps slight decrease in food intake. However, she is taking some meds to control her high glucose level at the same time.

For me, I have slimmed down 12kg. It is with exercise, diet and slimming gels.

I would not attribute our total weight loss to this product as we have some other factors which may be casuing or increasing the good effect. However, it is hard not to ignore that it may have played a part since my mum and I prevously have difficulty in losing weight. We were stagnant at our respective weights for many years until she started taking this product, resulting in weight loss. While i, seeing her significant weight loss got determined and started taking the tea and do exercises +diet etc.

I would say, could give this tea a try. Not immediate effect (takes 2 boxes at least?) and no diaherra effect. =)
aprilt, Jul 18 2007, 02:44 PM
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Hi girls, heard from a promotor in guardian that, girls not advisable to drink too much slimming tea, cos it has very “cooling” properties and cools ur womb, which in turn causes more white discharge. unsure.gif

And it contains natural laxative, which makes u go toilet, that’s why always clears ur tummy very fast and u feel tummy flatter. But fact is, actually it’s only water loss. biggrin.gif but then, tummy flatter really feels much better.
brandedcarrie, Jun 16 2005, 09:47 PM
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